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The New Year January 16, 2009

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I feel like I’ve lived a full six months in the last 16 days! Gosh, it’s embarrassing how little I’ve posted recently.

The beginning of 2009 started with Henry and I in Holliston while Justin was on the road making some awesome double time. We spent new year’s day playing with Baby Eleanor and the other Baby Henry.

When we got home I put my nose to the grindstone to accomplish some lofty writing goals, and I was defeated on my second writing assignment. I wrote an article for Associated Content citing a reputable source which turned out to be WAY, WAY off base. To the point of being libelous and potentially career ending to the person featured in the article. I spent a week trying to undo the damage to cover my a$$ as well as AC’s a$$, and above all that I felt really, really bad. Fortunately, Sam at AC was awesome and helped me remove the article within 36 hours of its initial publication.

So there was some lost writing time.

Then, I’m not sure how it all came about, we saw a house outside Indy that we wanted. It was our dream home–hardwood floors, antique stained glass, 1800’s charm. Before I knew it, we were on a plane to IND to go house shopping.

Our “dream home” was such a piece of crap! The photos posted by the seller were entirely inaccurate. The siding was falling off, part of the eaves were missing, water was leaking into the sun room and basement, the windows were rotting out, the foundation was cracked, oh, and the worst part… There were four stately columns on the front entry in the picture. When we got there there were three, one of them was fractured and crumbling under the extra weight, and the missing column was covered in snow in the yard.

That didn’t work out, neither did the subsequent two houses we looked at. But when we looked at the fourth house we really thought we hit the jackpot.

We hated it at first. It’s a bank owned forclosure and it was stripped. No toilets, no cabinets, no appliances, no mantle over the fireplace, icky stained carpet, dirty walls and ceilings.

But then we started thinking. Since nothing was in it, we would be able to install whatever we wanted. It was a clean slate. And as a foreclosure, it’s dirt cheap.

We put an offer in on it and we’ve been waiting to hear for the last five days. The seller is making their offer(s) today. We haven’t heard anything yet. Our fingers are very crossed.

Poor ol’ Henry is having trouble teething. He’s been droopy all day today. He just whimpers and makes chomping motions with his jaw. He isn’t happy unless he’s asleep on my lap. It feels like we’re back at week 6 again. 🙂

So, yeah. I’ve been able to submit my two articles per day to Demand Studios, only about three or four total to AC so far, I sent out two magazine submissions. It’s just not as productive as I’d wished.

Oh, and I started a 6 week travel writing course from The Renegade Writer. I’m psyched about it! But I haven’t had a chance to do even half of this weeks assignment. Ugh. Really, I must catch up. With the writing. And the laundry. The baby book. The dusting.

It’s crazy. I have absolutely no time to do anything, but my head is flooded with creative ideas. Things I’m itching to write, record, get done but I just can’t.

Have I mentioned I’ve only seen my husband, like, three times this month? I’m not even kidding.

I’m dying inside.


Predictions and Pictures October 28, 2008

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I’m predicting that ol’ Hambone will start teething sometime in the next month. I know, it’s early, I just get that feeling. Let’s see if I’m right. He’s started moving himself around in bed kind of like the hands of a clock. He spins himself around with his feet, it’s so weird.

Now, enjoy new photos and video.

Nap time! Mommy's favorite hour.

Nap time! Mommy's favorite hour.

Barfed on. Again. Awesome.

Barfed on. Again. Awesome.

Daddy never gets barfed on. He never gets peed on or pooped on. Why does my child hate me so much?