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Seven Times Up, or Was it Eight? November 10, 2008

As you know, we are a flying family. Anything longer than three weeks without getting on an airplane for recreational purposes is considered a dry spell. Traveling with a baby has posed some new challenges in air travel but as long as Sweetie and I are traveling together it really hasn’t been unmanageable.

I’ve found that making adjustments to Henry’s routine have been easier after a trip because he’s already off his schedule. After our Massachusetts visit, we were able to transition him out of his bouncy seat for sleeping and into the Pack n Play. After this visit to Michigan, we nixed the Pack n Play and started him in the crib.

It’s been two nights since the change. It has not gone over well. The little guy is no longer sleeping in the same room as Sweetie and I and he’s definitely experiencing some separation anxiety.

Last night we logged a record seven (or was it eight?) trips to his room to console him after he woke up hollering. Sometimes all it took was rolling him over on his side and sticking a passie in his mouth to soothe him. Other times required more persuasion to get him to fall asleep again.

Needless to say, I wanted to claw out my eyeballs. I was am so tired. I hope this will all settle down in a few days and his bedroom will be a relaxing place to get some rest.


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