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Here We Are September 27, 2008

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You found me! I felt like I needed a place to express my momma issues that didn’t feel completely awkward. Talking about my boobs on my MySpace blog just didn’t feel right, and I’m sure my friends will tire of the momma stories if they haven’t already. I certainly couldn’t post any momma tales on my work related blog (which I post anonymously to anyway). So, as the title says, here we are.

I’m Heather, a flight attendant and freelance writer. Feel free to check out some of my online content at,

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I live in central Florida with my darling husband Justin and our 6 week old monster Henry. This is a picture of us from a couple weeks ago,

We have four cats which we’d gladly give to you if you promise to love them. Jack and Arnie are brothers, declawed, quiet. Daisy was rescued by Justin when she was just a few days old. Her eyeball was hanging out of her head. She is tiny and skittish and wears an eye patch.

Just kidding. She doesn’t really have an eye patch. And that isn’t her picture either. All three of them are black, Jack and Arnie are huge, Daisy is tiny.

Then there’s Jojo. He’s old, smelly and he has a respiratory condition so he needs a little sympathy. He coughs and sneezes a lot but he likes people.

That’s our little family. I look forward to sharing some interesting posts with you soon. Cheers!