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Today’s Submission – Common Ties October 22, 2008

I’ve known about Common Ties for some time but I was never inspired enough to write anything for them. They pay well, $50 for 50 words. This morning I came up with five or six ideas so I sent them in. How about you? Do you have a story you can tell in 50 words or less?

Writers Guidelines

We pay $50 per accepted answer. If you would like to answer one or more of our questions, please email with both the question(s) and corresponding answer(s). Please keep in mind:

1. Answers must be pasted into your email; if you are submitting artwork, attach it.
2. Answers should be 50 words or less. The shorter the better.
3. Submissions are typically reviewed within two weeks.
4. We only reply to those whose answers we wish to buy.
5.We require writers to sign a contract and confirm their answers are true.