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Ahh! Michael Jackson Birth Announcements! November 17, 2008

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I haven’t done the birth announcement recap in a few weeks. I’ve been to darn busy! But we had a gem yesterday. Twins, hooray for twins! Princess Jakila Fayth and Princeton Josiah Keon Lanier. Don’t those names sound just a little too Michael Jackson?


Birth Announcements for Sunday Oct. 25, 2008 October 27, 2008

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Oh, boy, we have a couple of doozies this week. But before I get to those, I must give giddy-ups to my favorite name of the week – Jackson Wyatt Lee. This boy is destined to become a cowboy or fashion photographer. Happy birthday, Jackson!

Seriously though. This was the week of unfortunate last names. Can you imagine having to go through life with the name Zachary Andrew Bigot? Or what about poor little Emily Marie Armstrong-Fagg? Poor kids. At least they’ll have a few nice years with their folks before they get tormented at school.


Birth Announcements for 19 Oct. 08 – The Italians Have It! October 19, 2008

Wow, what a useless day for crazy baby names in the Sunday paper. Firs, let me just say, the Orlando Sentinel is a totally useless company. I have a Sunday only subscription and I haven’t received my paper in three weeks. When I spoke to them at 8:57 this morning they said they would send out a driver to deliver my paper by 12:30. They called me back at 10:30ish to ask if I’d received it and I still hadn’t. It’s 3:47 and I still have no paper. They suck. It’s no wonder newspaper circulation is down all over the country, the newspapers don’t know how to get their product out to the market.

But, I must forgive them because they were the first publication I was paid to write for. I suppose it isn’t good to bite the hand that feeds you.

Let’s get back on track, shall we?

I looked at the birth announcements and for the first time ever the Italians have trounced the Jayden/Aiden crowd. This week, and last week, there were a multitude of Giannas, Giannis and Giovannis. Where did this trend come from?


Birth Announcements for 05 Oct. ‘08 October 9, 2008

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So I’m a little behind on this past Sunday’s birth announcements. I was out of town, it’s not my fault. It was a big weekend though, Henry’s birth announcement came out in the paper. That was awesome. By default he wins the best baby name this week, but like all contests, you can’t compete if you work for the company.

The first runner up in this week’s birth announcements is Fre’missa Ro’ia Mandradge. Partly because I can’t imagine how it’s pronounced, but mostly because this baby is hogging all the apostrophes.

The winner is Beckett Wilson Kamp. It’s a fabulous name, don’t you think? It sounds so Cambridgey, as my mother would say.


Birth Announcements for 28 Sept. ’08 September 28, 2008

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The winner of this week’s “Most Unusal Baby Name” from my local paper is…


Dehandsome Barack Desrouilleres

Congratulations, Dehandsome! It’ll be a real shame if you grow up to be super ugly. But welcome to the world nonetheless!