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Shameless Self Promotion… Again December 9, 2008

New at Associated Content…

New Year’s Eve Entertainment in Orlando, Florida

Orlando Has the Best New Year’s Parties in Florida


What is Açai? December 3, 2008

New review up at Associated Content.

Review: MonaVie Premiere Açai Blends

What is MonaVie Açai Juice and MonaVie Active Gel?


Link Love – Buzz ’em Up November 29, 2008

I’ve got a new article up over at Associated Content. Go read it, Stumble it, Buzz it, Digg it, whatever you like.

Top 5 Celebrity Scandals of 2008


Who is Michelle L. Devon? October 30, 2008

In writing for Associated Content I discovered a truly gifted writer. Michelle L. Devon, or Michy as she’s known in the community, is not only a wildly successful freelance writer, she’s a novelist, editor, blogger, mother, cheerleader, and all around great gal.

She runs the Accentuate Writers Forum where she helps both experienced and fledgling writers find their voices. She uses the forum ,to create writing challenges and contests for forum participants. In the few months I’ve been lurking at Accentuate I’ve learned so much. I’ve had the chance to see what other freelance writers are doing to get their work noticed and it’s motivated me to get my butt in gear.

Today she posted a blog about some of us who took her up on one of her challenges. She said some really nice things about me and the others. It’s worth checking out. You’ll see just how generous she is with all the sweet things she has to say about us.


New Article on Associated Content October 13, 2008

Hit me up! Check out my latest article at Associated Content.

Poke Fun at Pop Culture with Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Groups and Couples – Straight Out of Your Own Closet

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