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So, we bought a house February 26, 2009

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Things have been unbelievably insane this month. We ended up buying a house, a cute three bedroom-two bath house with a GINORMOUS kitchen.o4892324_101_12

We’ve already fixed some plumbing issues even though we don’t close until March 23. It was a bank owned property which meant we had to move mountains to get the paperwork done. As soon as we close the upgrades shall begin–drywall patches, fresh paint in each room, laminate in the kitchen and foyer, new carpet throughout, new doorknobs, new garage door and fire ant poison in the yard. Eventually we’d like to redo the stucco, paint the exterior, put a fence around the yard, redo the bathrooms, stuff like that.

In a few days we’ll be hitching a ride on the Empire Builder. It’s a train that starts in Chicago and runs parallel to the Canadian border till it turns south at Spokane and ends in Portland. I’ll get to see the only states I haven’t been to so I’m pretty psyched.

Hammy says he’s psyched, too!



Associated Content Link Love February 2, 2009

Read all about Super Bowl commercials!

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Rebirth of Imagination January 31, 2009

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It’s now been seven full months since I’ve had to work a flight. Lots of things have changed in that time — new uniforms, a new form of onboard payment, minimum crew requirements, MRT, DRT, a hiring freeze, honey roasted peanuts, onboard Wi-Fi trials, and on and on.

Now I’m due to go back to work in six weeks. I know that’s still a long way off but I’m afraid of what might happen when I go back. Not in terms of my family, but what’s going to happen to my brain?

I feel like I came out of a creative coma since I left work. I have so many projects I want to pursue now. Not to mention the things that I’ve already accomplished. As a part time freelance writer I’ve made $2,000 since going on maternity leave. I know it’s not much in the big picture but that was part time income, with a newborn baby, and I’m just starting out. Imagine what else I could accomplish!

How can I go back to Juice or Coffee? Snack for you, sir? when my passion lies elsewhere?


A Post For Grace January 29, 2009

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Since she thinks Hammy doesn’t like her.





You Have to Do the Worm Before You Can Crawl January 25, 2009

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More Rolling Over

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Henry Learns to Roll Over

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Yesterday Henry came down with his first cold. That didn’t stop him from rolling over for the first time, though. Have a look.

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