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Hammy + Bear = True Love November 28, 2008

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Predictions and Pictures October 28, 2008

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I’m predicting that ol’ Hambone will start teething sometime in the next month. I know, it’s early, I just get that feeling. Let’s see if I’m right. He’s started moving himself around in bed kind of like the hands of a clock. He spins himself around with his feet, it’s so weird.

Now, enjoy new photos and video.

Nap time! Mommy's favorite hour.

Nap time! Mommy's favorite hour.

Barfed on. Again. Awesome.

Barfed on. Again. Awesome.

Daddy never gets barfed on. He never gets peed on or pooped on. Why does my child hate me so much?


Lots of Laundry October 23, 2008

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So ol’ Hambone peed the bed again. That made four changes of clothes between 3 and 7 this morning. Here, look at him enjoying his pile of soggy clothes…

And now enjoy how happy he is that the wet clothes are off…