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30 Days, 30 Articles June 29, 2009

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I realize I’m probably setting myself up for failure, however, I need to challenge my brain a bit. Brains do get rather sloshy in the summertime, wouldn’t you agree? And if there’s one thing I excel at, it is failure. I’ve been doing lots of boring online writing, and I seem to get nowhere with my print queries. I had the most gorgeous submission ready to go when I found out the magazine I wanted to submit to folded in April. It’s a common theme these days, print pubs are going up in smoke.

Yet, I’ve grown so, so, so tired of writing web content. I’m SEO’d to death. I’m tired of doing piles of research for a $30 paycheck–$15 more often. But the more I sit down and think about it, the future is not in print, it’s online. I can’t shun the online work, that would be foolish. So, I need to try something new.

I’m thinking of dumping some articles into a site called Constant Content. It’s a marketplace where writers post their articles and put their own price on them, set the level of rights they want to sell, and hope for a buyer. Constant Content acts as a middle man between writers and people who want to purchase materials.

When I looked into CC in the past, I’ve always hesitated to even finish reading the FAQ  simply because I can’t get past the part where they say they will take 35% of my earnings. That’s borderline criminal. But other writers are selling there, and I want to see what will turn up.

30 articles in 30 days was my harebrained idea. I’m going to compose 30 articles by August 1. By that day, I will hand them all over to the Constant Content marketplace to see how they fail fare.

Think I can do it? I’ve compiled a list of 18 titles so far. It’s amazing how this little challenge has already launched my creativity in directions other than “How To” formats and hotel reviews. I’m excited. Let’s do this.


Shameless Self Promotion… Again December 9, 2008

New at Associated Content…

New Year’s Eve Entertainment in Orlando, Florida

Orlando Has the Best New Year’s Parties in Florida


What is Açai? December 3, 2008

New review up at Associated Content.

Review: MonaVie Premiere Açai Blends

What is MonaVie Açai Juice and MonaVie Active Gel?


Link Love – Buzz ’em Up November 29, 2008

I’ve got a new article up over at Associated Content. Go read it, Stumble it, Buzz it, Digg it, whatever you like.

Top 5 Celebrity Scandals of 2008


New Page November 21, 2008

Look up and to the right. You’ll see I added a new page called “Make Some Money”. It might be crass, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

However, pays VIP bloggers $1 per 100 word post per day, plus page view bonuses. I thought I’d put the link up there in case anyone wants to take advantage of making a few extra dollars on the side.

If you decide to do it, make sure to click on my links to take you there. I’ll get a little love from the company if I refer you.



Trolling for Hits With StumbleUpon November 2, 2008

Being a successful blogger comes down to playing well with others. Anyone who has written for Associated Content, eHow,, and other sites that pay per page view know just how much social bookmarking can make or break your blog in terms of monetizing. StumbleUpon is one of my favorite monetizing tools.

StumbleUpon has been one of my favorite toys since I discovered it this summer. As a procrastination tool, nothing tops StumbleUpon. Web users download the StumbleUpon toolbar and view it at the top of their web browser. It looks a little something like this…

The StumbleUpon toolbar.

The StumbleUpon toolbar.

Whenever the user is bored and wants to visit a new website, he clicks the “Stumble” button and it takes him to a new site within the categories he is interested in. Not only is this a great way to procrastinate, it’s a really awesome way to generate writing ideas.

I first used StumbleUpon to promote my now defunct Trust Me, I’m a Flight Attendant blog. In order to create buzz, I paid StumbleUpon $5-10 and they would put my blog in heavy rotation under the Travel category until my funds ran out. I got to dictate which categories to run my posts on and I could start and stop the rotation at will. It would usually bring in over 100 hits in less than 15 minutes.

I’ve since been using StumbleUpon to promote my stories at The Inkwell and Unsent Letters. As a user of the StumbleUpon toolbar, all I have to do is load the page I want to promote and click “I Like It”. This too places the page into the StumbleUpon rotation, I just don’t have as much control over what category it appears under or how frequently it is run through the rotation.

In the last hour I’ve received about 115 hits on “Dear Florida Democrats” just by clicking the “I Like It” button.

This is great news when you’re trying to attract viewers who will come back over and over again. And it’s also a simple way to generate the page views you need to get paid.

So, go have some fun. Download the StumbleUpon toolbar at


Who is Michelle L. Devon? October 30, 2008

In writing for Associated Content I discovered a truly gifted writer. Michelle L. Devon, or Michy as she’s known in the community, is not only a wildly successful freelance writer, she’s a novelist, editor, blogger, mother, cheerleader, and all around great gal.

She runs the Accentuate Writers Forum where she helps both experienced and fledgling writers find their voices. She uses the forum ,to create writing challenges and contests for forum participants. In the few months I’ve been lurking at Accentuate I’ve learned so much. I’ve had the chance to see what other freelance writers are doing to get their work noticed and it’s motivated me to get my butt in gear.

Today she posted a blog about some of us who took her up on one of her challenges. She said some really nice things about me and the others. It’s worth checking out. You’ll see just how generous she is with all the sweet things she has to say about us.