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So, we bought a house February 26, 2009

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Things have been unbelievably insane this month. We ended up buying a house, a cute three bedroom-two bath house with a GINORMOUS kitchen.o4892324_101_12

We’ve already fixed some plumbing issues even though we don’t close until March 23. It was a bank owned property which meant we had to move mountains to get the paperwork done. As soon as we close the upgrades shall begin–drywall patches, fresh paint in each room, laminate in the kitchen and foyer, new carpet throughout, new doorknobs, new garage door and fire ant poison in the yard. Eventually we’d like to redo the stucco, paint the exterior, put a fence around the yard, redo the bathrooms, stuff like that.

In a few days we’ll be hitching a ride on the Empire Builder. It’s a train that starts in Chicago and runs parallel to the Canadian border till it turns south at Spokane and ends in Portland. I’ll get to see the only states I haven’t been to so I’m pretty psyched.

Hammy says he’s psyched, too!



8 Responses to “So, we bought a house”

  1. Angel Says:

    Very pretty house. Hope y’all enjoy it!

  2. AJ Says:

    Congrats! It looks lovely. 🙂

  3. Al Says:

    We can’t wait to visit!

  4. Mike Says:

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  5. alycia Says:

    What a year it has been since March 2008!! Married, baby, house (not to mention another birthday!!! Enjoy the Empire Builder! XXXOOO

  6. carrie Says:

    LOVE all the pictures from your train trip.

    oh wait…

  7. Marilynne Says:

    New houses are such fun. I love to fix them up so they’re all mine, with my taste and my favorite things. It looks like you’ll have a nice yard for the baby too.


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