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It Was Fun While it Lasted December 24, 2008

Filed under: Breastfeeding,Exhaustion,Henry — H. M. @ 8:59 am

After a couple weeks of well rested joy, my baby has turned into a screaming, not sleeping, food spitting troll. Where did my easy days go? For a good stretch he was only waking up at night once or twice. Now we’re back to three or four times. I suppose this will remedy itself once he can roll over. It seems that part of the time all I have to do is roll him into a new position and he’s right back to sleep.

And after having some awesome naps last week, the kind where he woud lay down in his crib, fall asleep on his own, and stay asleep for a couple hours, we are back to catnaps that last maybe 40 minutes if I’m lucky. The past few days he’s been resistant to taking an afternoon nap at all which means all hell breaks loose around 5pm each night.

I’ve been mixing his morning cereal with formula and a little banana to make it taste good, but he hasn’t been fooled. He hates the taste of the formula even if it is disguised as solid food. Today he learned that if he coughs with a full mouth of food it will evacuate his mouth at a high rate of speed. Which is his ultimate goal. I’m just so afraid that with the introduction of solids, my milk will slow down and I’ll have to give him formula. Which will incite a riot. He’s been crying for the last hour and a half because I haven’t given him a boob, I don’t know how much of this drama I can take, you know? And it’s not just crying, it’s full body rage. He won’t play with his toys and won’t watch his movie. How will I ever wean him?

I wish he would sleep and eat like a normal person.

I need coffee.


One Response to “It Was Fun While it Lasted”

  1. Al Says:

    Welcome to my life! 5 p.m. is the witching hour for us. Today I took a shower to calm the munchkin because he loves that room of the house. Now I am enjoying the remnants of my husband’s wine while hoping to eat my dinner hot. Good luck!

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