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Baby Steps December 18, 2008

Two days ago I went jogging for the first time since Henry was born. I’ve been eager to lose all this flab but the universe has posed some interesting obstacles for me. Finding a place to work out was my biggest problem. My gym membership at Bally is very affordable but they don’t provide child care. To switch to 24 Hour Fitness would cost exponentially more. I could do workout DVDs at home, but I hate doing that. And going running in my neighborhood is out of the question.

When I first moved here I would go jogging on my own street. One day the city cut down all the trees on the vacant lots because a man had been hiding in the bushes and attacking women on the sidewalk. So then I started rollerblading on the Little Econ Greenway, it was quiet and nicely paved. But then Nicole Ganguzza was murdered there last June. The other day I picked a nice suburban street with smooth sidewalks and a place to park my car. I wasn’t expecting to workout in the wake of the helicopters covering the murder site of Caylee Anthony an unidentified female child.

(Add those three instances to the hookers on my lawn, the guys who mugged my neighbor, the people who tried to steal my rims, and the drug dealers upstairs, is it any wonder why I applied for my concealed weapons permit?)

I stuffed the jogging stroller into the car and slathered Henry with SPF 50 and we were on our way a-jogging.

It was my intention to do a 32 minute workout. 8 reps of 2 minute walk/2 minute jog. It was really tough! I honestly think giving birth was easier. My legs felt like lead, it was like I was dragging them through a swamp just to get through two minutes. In the sixth set I only made it through 1:30 of jog. By the seventh set I could barely eke out :30 of jog.

Even though I didn’t meet my goal I’m still surprised I did as well as I did. Using a stroller presented some new challenges, it certainly limits my range of motion since I can’t swing my arms. And I picked the dang hottest day we’ve had in weeks. I look forward to more productive workouts in the future.


2 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. Al Says:

    I am so proud of you. I made the mistake of trying on pre-pregnancy clothes last week. Big mistake! I just purchased two pairs of bigger sized jeans b/c I can’t stand wearing elastic pants anymore. I am jealous you are running! I haven’t had my six week check-up. You go girl!

  2. Heather Says:

    🙂 I just broke down the other day and bought a new pair of jeans. I’m only one size larger than I used to be but I look… flabby.

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