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4 Month Shots December 16, 2008

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We took Henry in for his 4 month check up yesterday. He is now 15 lbs. 11 oz. and 25 3/4″ long. I thought he’d be heavier but I guess I’m just weary from carrying him around all the time 🙂  Still, he is in the 80th percentile for his weight and 75th percentile for his height which means he’s a big boy.

Henry’s regular doctor was on vacation so we saw another one in the practice. She was FABULOUS. We’ll probably start making our appointments with her, hope doc number one isn’t offended. She gave us the green light to go full steam ahead with solid foods. She said he needs it because of his large size and superhero strength. She was very impressed with his ability to push up and blow bubbles. I have a genius kid!

After all the good news he got five rounds of vaccines – four shots and one oral. Within about half an hour he had sad face and an overall lethargic disposition. Thanks to that, Justin and I were able to have a meal in a restaurant without having to bounce him on a knee or swing him in the carseat. Just a regular old meal. I forgot how awesome that could be!

Later in the evening he started feeling very crummy. He was inconsolable. He didn’t want to sit up or lay down, didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to play, didn’t want to watch tv. He was just not feeling himself. We gave him a hit of Tylenol which brought his spirits up a bit. Enough to eat all his oatmeal cereal, at least.

He slept like a bear in winter, going six straight hours in the first round, then two hours, then one more. He’s a good boy.

Unhappy Hammy about half an hour after his shots.

Unhappy Hammy about half an hour after his shots.


3 Responses to “4 Month Shots”

  1. Al Says:

    If he is that big at 4 mos, I am wondering how big his friend August will be. He was 12 lbs at 4 weeks!

  2. carrie Says:

    grace keeps saying, “hammy, airport” when i pull up your blog. this obsession is getting more and more intense. 😉 and oral vaccines?? never heard of such a thing.

    switch to the doc you love- it’ll make you feel much better, especially when hamster gets sick.

    i’ll have to look and see how big grace was at 4 months…


  3. carrie Says:

    found it!
    she was 15 lbs 4 oz
    and 24 1/4 inches.

    hasn’t grown since. just kidding. kind of. 🙂

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