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What is Açai? December 3, 2008

New review up at Associated Content.

Review: MonaVie Premiere Açai Blends

What is MonaVie Açai Juice and MonaVie Active Gel?


5 Responses to “What is Açai?”

  1. carrie Says:

    well, acai may not be the next big thing (btw, how do you make the c look all funny?),

    but you know what I read today WILL be the next big thing?

    mimosa. the color.

    it’s apparently the new black for 09. i look like shit in it, so that’s cool. maybe i can just get a purse or something instead. a cheap, clearance purse within my budget THAT I STILL DON”T HAVE!

  2. Alycia Says:

    We have a case of Mona Vie in our garage fridge–I was pressured to buy it by a “friend” who was selling it. Since it is in the garage I never remember to drink it, but Johnny tried it last week and pronounced it vile. He told me that it must have spoiled and should be thrown out, but having tried a sample before I think that’s how it is supposed to taste. Anyway, I’m too cheap to throw it out…..The people I know who swear by it tell me that you need to drink a few bottles before the benefits start to kick in.

  3. Al Says:

    The drink Emergencee (sp) also an acai flavor. I bet it is cheaper!

  4. Tim Markaity Says:

    Wow that is a great point, thanks for pointing that out! I’ll be back again soon, I hope to see some more great content in the future from you!

  5. Good overall site enjoyed reading will def bookmark.

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