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What is AirTran Smoking? Adding Obama Inauguration Flights? November 19, 2008

Barack Obama waves his magic wand of hope and saves air carriers by filling cabin seats. I hope AirTran isn’t wasting their money by changing their flight schedule.

Okay, this crazy story came across the wire overnight. AirTran Airways, a company who I quite enjoy and is probably the carrier I use most frequently after my own employer, is adding flights to accommodate passengers who plan to attend the Barack Obama inauguration in January.

I like AirTran. I would like AirTran to stay in business. But what are they thinking? Every airline is predicting massive drops in passenger revenue this holiday season. We can’t even attract passengers to fly and be with their families this Christmas. Does AirTran think people would rather go to Washington D.C. to stand around outside in the cold than visit with their blood relatives this Christmas? Is Obama going to save the airline industry by filling up the cabins?

Good grief! Even AirTran has Obama Fever!


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