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Pittsburgh and Back November 16, 2008

What an insane month it’s been. After returning from the Michigan trip I learned that we lost dear Uncle John, my dad’s oldest brother. So we did some laundry and hopped back on a plane up to Pittsburgh, just me and Henry. I believe Uncle John must have died of a broken heart after Aunt Donna died a month ago. In a remarkable turn of events, John regained perfect hearing before he died. The Hobson boys all have varying degrees of hearing loss and miraculously John no longer needed his hearing aids. It blows my mind that things like that are possible.

Although it was very sad to lose such a brilliant, kind man, his funeral service was probably the most uplifting service I have ever experienced. It was led by my cousin, Father Mark Hobson, whose eloquence and wisdom and poignance could unquestionably turn me back to the Catholic church if only there were more priests like him. My uncle John was a geologist. Mark constructed a remarkable speech weaving together elements of science and religion, the big bang theory and the beauty of Earth and the heavens, and how we can all reconcile our beliefs in science and God without having to choose one or the other. It was appropriate for the man who devoted himself to the earth and his faith, and for those of us who are still trying to figure it all out.

Despite the purpose of the visit, it was so good to see the Hobson side of the family. I got to see Becca and Bill and the kids for a brief moment at the viewing, I spoke with Missy and Jenny, John’s daughters, for the first time since the 80’s, my cousins Kathy and Sue and Lisa were there from the Harry and Bonnie clan, plus Brain, Terry and Jack of the Tom and Lucy contingent. I met my cousin Tammy, Bob’s dauther, for the first time ever. If anyone has her e mail address please forward it to me. Then there were all the second cousins, spouses, friends and neighbors. It was truly a celebration of life and family and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be there.

Henry came with me and he was a perfect gentleman. He slept through the funeral and the cemetary service. Riley called him her “little brother”, and Kathy and Julie were kind enough to take him off my hands for me while he wailed so I could have a bite to eat.

The next section of this blog is vulgar. Proceed with caution.

Like any respectable rock star, Henry trashed the hotel room. He had another blowout poop in which he stained the sheets. Yeah, gross. But it was so disturbingly funny I had to take a picture.


He fussed a bit on the flight home last night but, all things considered, he was a good boy. He slept really well in his crib last night only waking up three times. The first time I just had to pat him on the bum and stick the passie back in his mouth, and that was early aroun 10pm I think. He woke up again around 1:30, ate for a minute (literally) and fell back to sleep, then woke up again at 5:30 for another feeding. Then he was out until 7:30. I’d call that a stellar night.

It’s wonderful to be home but Justin is super sick. He’s got a cold with a raspy voice. He’s been napping for the last hour and a half, I hope he’ll stay in bed all day and get better.


2 Responses to “Pittsburgh and Back”

  1. carrie Says:

    1. love the poo
    2. tell judgie get well soon from grace.

  2. Heather Says:

    Judgie says, “But Grace hates me.”

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