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They Should Revoke My Wings November 15, 2008

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2009 will be my seventh year working for The Airline. In that time I think I’ve seen just about everything from drunken arrests to poop on the floor to abandoned children. When I worked on the ground, it always amazed me when after making repeated announcements about gate changes there would inevitably be someone who didn’t hear it an miss the flight.

“You didn’t hear any of my announcements?” I’d ask.

“No. No one listens to announcements.”

“You didn’t notice no one else was waiting in the boarding area?”


I would mock these people for heir gross lack observation skills.

Today, I became one of those people. I checked in at the gate for my boarding pass and stroller tag an hour and twenty minutes before departure. I then went to the companion care bathroom to go to the bathroom (duh) and feed and change the baby before the flight. I went back to my gate, took a seat and played with my son until it was time to board.

They say time flies when you have kids, and that doesn’t just mean in the day to day or month to month sense. Apparently, it applies to minute by minute because I felt like I’d only been sitting there for ten minutes before i heard something about “Mark Family” and “Pittsburgh” and “Last and Final Boarding Opportunity” on the PA.

My flight was moved three gates down. I don’t know why I never heard a gate change announcement. I doubt it was the agents who forgot, they’re usually pretty on tp of making those announcements.  Which means one of thwo things happened. While I was enjoying the silence and privacy of the companion care restroom, the announcemtn were mad about the gate change. Or I was so busy playing with Henry that I just didn’t  notice the time or hear  the announcements. Boy am I the dummy!

Live and learn, I guess. This is my fourth time flying with Henry, but the first time without Justin to help. Next time I’ll know not to lose myself in playtime wiht the baby. And, yes, I did make the flight with seconds to spare.


One Response to “They Should Revoke My Wings”

  1. Hi Heather
    Glad I found your Blog and could add it to my fellow TH blogrol. You seem so silent over there, but the young motherhood happening explains a lot. And yes, travelers can be dummies 😛

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