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Baby Bucky Covington November 4, 2008

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The other day I was cruising around with the little Hamburgler in the backseat. We have one of thsoe dome mirrors mounted on the head rest so I can see waht kind of trouble he’s getting into back there. While we’re driving I’ll usually listen to talk radio. When the chat shows go so far as to either 1.) bash the President, or 2.) kiss his ass, I tend to lose interest and change the channel.

I used to be a huge fan of country music but it fell out of my favor a few years back, though I don’t know why. Anyway, me and Hammy tuned into a country station to some Rascal Flatts. Hammy didn’t seem interested in that at all. Then Bucky Covington’s single “I’ll Walk” came on.

If you follow American Idol at all, you’ll remember Bucky Covington as the snaggle toothed, southern rock-ish, ponytailed dumb blonde from North Carolina. I don’t remember him as being all that talented, but that could be because he was upstaged by that other North Carolina firecracker Kellie Pickler.

So this single he’s got is super sappy. Something about his prom date or something. Wouldn’t you know, Henry loved it. He was singing along to a Bucky Covington song. After all the quality music we’ve exposed him to he chooses to be a Bucky Covington fan.

Where did we go wrong?

The monkey mirror.

The monkey mirror.


10 Responses to “Baby Bucky Covington”

  1. a bucky fan Says:

    your little hambugler may be president one day, seems as if he is a smart child. Great taste in music. Bucky has three top tens from his debut cd. Bucky’s grown up!

  2. France Says:

    By your description I’m not sure you saw the same Bucky Covington that I did when he was on American Idol. And, anyone who’s followed his career can tell you there’s nothing “dumb” about Covington.

    He’s been building a solid fan base and achieving some good successes in what is still the early stage of his career.

    He also appeals to all ages. Your baby knows a good thing.

  3. Heather Says:

    He’s obviously doing something right if he’s got a single in heavy rotation and Taylor Hicks (the winner that season) has been forgotten about.

  4. Terri Says:

    I would say that Henry has some pretty good taste. Bucky is up and coming, and with his 3rd Top 10 hit, should have quite a career ahead of him along with lots more songs for Henry to sing along with.

  5. barbara Says:

    One of my baby’s new words is “Bucky” . I let him sit on my lap and listen to my computer to “I’ll Walk” on Bucky’s myspace. The child loves that song and the face of Bucky Covington. Bucky appeals to all ages and Bucky has come very far in two and a half years. Quit looking back (except to see your baby) and join us in Bucky appreciation!!

  6. Lindsay M Says:

    We got our carseats inspected @ the hospital when my daughter was born and they told me those mirrors were unsafe. Unsafe?! They aren’t even glass and padded with more cushion than some carseats! Bah.

    LOL @ Hammy & his music choice. At least he didn’t whine when you changed from the presidential ass kissing, right? 😉

  7. Kerri Says:

    Henry has great taste in music! Glad that your starting him young! While I don’t agree with your “American Idol” description of Bucky (he was a good ole young boy fresh from North Carolina crashing his dreams) have you seen him lately? He is a really good looking man and we love him!

  8. a bucky fan Says:

    Taylor WHO???

    Bucky Covington all the way !

  9. Heather Says:

    You guys crack me up. I’m thrilled that a little blurb about Bucky brought in so much traffic to my site. Thanks, everybody!

    And I have to agree with you, Lins, I love my monkey mirror. At least it’s secured to the seat. In the event of an accident, wouldn’t all the unsecured stuff in the car like purse, diaper bag, cd’s, etc. that go flying cause more harm than a 2 oz. padded piece of monkey mirror? Bah indeed!

  10. SYLVIA Says:



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