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Birth Announcements for Sunday Oct. 25, 2008 October 27, 2008

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Oh, boy, we have a couple of doozies this week. But before I get to those, I must give giddy-ups to my favorite name of the week – Jackson Wyatt Lee. This boy is destined to become a cowboy or fashion photographer. Happy birthday, Jackson!

Seriously though. This was the week of unfortunate last names. Can you imagine having to go through life with the name Zachary Andrew Bigot? Or what about poor little Emily Marie Armstrong-Fagg? Poor kids. At least they’ll have a few nice years with their folks before they get tormented at school.


One Response to “Birth Announcements for Sunday Oct. 25, 2008”

  1. Well, that actually is my daughter your talking about…. But we don’t use my husbands last name at school. Just armstrong……So don’t feel bad, she will be fine!!

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