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And Another Update… aka The Silver Lining October 21, 2008

On Saturday we grilled out with our neighbors. I had a porterhouse steak, a burger, a sweet potato and some zucchini. And a Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

Today is Tuesday. I’ve lost three pounds since Saturday. Making milk sure is a great calorie burner. 🙂


One Response to “And Another Update… aka The Silver Lining”

  1. carrie Says:

    good! glad to see the rebound! 🙂

    hang in there, because my only other suggestion would be to bite the bullet, get cable and a dvr, and then hours of time feeding in the recliner could be enhanced by watching all the gems you’ve saved up to view. but that costs money. and you guys don’t do that kind of thing. 😉

    ps…snowflake…still step one. plan on making a real effort this weekend, though!

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