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Guess I’m Gonna Have to Query More October 3, 2008

Filed under: Employment,Freelance Writing — H. M. @ 8:03 pm

Hmm, scary. My employer sent out a little memo type thing tonight which reads,

“We will be offering some Monthly Release Time (MRT) slots in each base for November, 2008. Your base’s cover letter will display the number of MRT slots available for the month.”

MRT means the company needs to save money, so they allow a certain number of people to go on a leave without pay. That concerns me. It makes me wonder if furloughs are next. I suppose if there isn’t enough work to go around I really have to get on it and take my writing more seriously.

Anyone need a freelance writer? I can be an editor, too. You’ll notice that the word “bases” up there should read “base’s”. See how good I am?


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