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Topple July 13, 2009

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Crawling to the toys

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30 Days, 30 Articles June 29, 2009

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I realize I’m probably setting myself up for failure, however, I need to challenge my brain a bit. Brains do get rather sloshy in the summertime, wouldn’t you agree? And if there’s one thing I excel at, it is failure. I’ve been doing lots of boring online writing, and I seem to get nowhere with my print queries. I had the most gorgeous submission ready to go when I found out the magazine I wanted to submit to folded in April. It’s a common theme these days, print pubs are going up in smoke.

Yet, I’ve grown so, so, so tired of writing web content. I’m SEO’d to death. I’m tired of doing piles of research for a $30 paycheck–$15 more often. But the more I sit down and think about it, the future is not in print, it’s online. I can’t shun the online work, that would be foolish. So, I need to try something new.

I’m thinking of dumping some articles into a site called Constant Content. It’s a marketplace where writers post their articles and put their own price on them, set the level of rights they want to sell, and hope for a buyer. Constant Content acts as a middle man between writers and people who want to purchase materials.

When I looked into CC in the past, I’ve always hesitated to even finish reading the FAQ¬† simply because I can’t get past the part where they say they will take 35% of my earnings. That’s borderline criminal. But other writers are selling there, and I want to see what will turn up.

30 articles in 30 days was my harebrained idea. I’m going to compose 30 articles by August 1. By that day, I will hand them all over to the Constant Content marketplace to see how they fail fare.

Think I can do it? I’ve compiled a list of 18 titles so far. It’s amazing how this little challenge has already launched my creativity in directions other than “How To” formats and hotel reviews. I’m excited. Let’s do this.


First Cheerios May 12, 2009

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I was surprised, after gagging on almost anything with texture, Henry actually likes Cheerios. Loves them, in fact.

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He can dance if he wants to April 29, 2009

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He’s got sweet moves. Don’t you think?

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Lion reunion Christian March 19, 2009

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Space Shuttle Launch March 15, 2009

I know I should be blogging about something substantial like our cross country train trip, visiting with Kyle, my birthday at Epcot…

Instead I want to share these photos. About 45 minutes ago the Space Shuttle Discovery launched from Cape Canaveral. Justin and I watched the launch from our driveway. Even though we’re about an hour away from Kennedy Space Center we had a clear view of the launch.
I can’t describe how amazing it is to watch a live shuttle launch. It’s inspiring and beautiful and your heart kind of skips a beat as it’s happening.
So we watched the huge fireball zoom through the sky until the shuttle was nothing but a bright white dot up in outer space.